I have two formal names in my life. One of my names is "manager″ of Nikko Edo Wonderland. As a manager, I strive–along with staff and performers to put our efforts together to dream up new and exciting performances to be shown at our venues in Edo Wonderland. My other name is Yuki Ryouichi. Since I can remember, I've been drawn to be a performer. Music, film, travel and art which has always caught my eye. And as Yuki Ryoichi, I once went on a solo-trip, to form my dreams, to discover the world, and to learn from it. In the EDO VILLAGE VOICE, It is recorded those times and travels of Yuki Ryoichi and share these with our friends, that span across the globe. Two names, one soul. And that soul is expressed within what is known as Hagakure, or the samurai code. Life of humankind is indeed short and trifling. You ought to spend your time doing what you like to do. And I can't agree more...


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